Beginning is easy, persisting is art.



“There are two ways to pursue a career. Either you really achieve something,
or you claim to be achieving something. I recommend the first method
because the competition is not nearly that big there.”


To be successful is not a question of genes or a matter of luck. Ask yourself who do you really want to be? What is your real identity that makes you happy and satisfied? This individual question can only be answered by yourself, but the resulting answer is one of the strongest drives to realize one´s full potential. Successful people know that you can acquire the right thinking and acting, but they also know that they can´t learn everything from their own experience, so they rely on the knowledge of experts.
If you want to be successful, you must think differently, “outside the box” but do not be afraid to fail occasionally. Do not listen to the know-it-alls, no-sayers and all those who shout “that’s not possible” or “No Chance”!

Work as hard as you can and do it until things come naturally to you. Believe that the adversities that come into your life are there for you to grow. Therefore, successful people go along with this: If you want to be successful, make as many mistakes as you can and solve the most difficult tasks.

Great accomplishments are achieved by great people only; and someone is great only when he is determined to be.
Charles de Gaulle French general and president 


His meticulous and consistently constructive-critical way of thinking and working character distinguish him as a reliable entrepreneur. David Camara grew up in the GDR, where he got in touch with entrepreneurial activities in the trade of second-hand materials for the first time. As a teenager, his dynamic and yet uncontrolled energy led him to athletics, where he learned to master his power and was several times national and German champion. His professional career began as a trainee with a renowned Internet provider and then he became self-employed. Shortly thereafter, David Camara founded his first company and gained his first experiences of how things do not work.

As a former competitive athlete, he was no stranger to defeats and founded further companies, but this time he attended parallelly seminars, workshops and lectures on personality development, leadership, business management, online marketing, sales strategies, rhetoric, health and spirituality. Today he is a trained businessman in leading positions and works as CEO and owner in several companies. Many people see David Camara now as a role model and he shares his knowledge with everyone who wants to live professional and private success as well.



Nice to see you here! Feel free to drop me a message, if you want to know more about my projects or me personally. Whether you are just curious or already have a specific question, I look forward to your message!

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People who have paved the way for civilization are always precedents. It is the human being who believes in his own ideas, who can think and act without a crowd behind him who is not afraid to stand alone, who is courageous, original and resourceful, who has the courage to go to places where no one has been before, to do what no one has yet done, achieves things that surely will leave a mark. Do not wait for extraordinary opportunities. Just take the ordinary ones and make them great.